Care workers take council contractor to employment tribunal

Unison says employment tribunal will be looking at some of the worst ever pay rule breaches

In what is being described as the biggest ever legal claim in the sector, seventeen care workers are taking their ex-employees to an employment tribunal, after alleging that the company they worked for failed to pay them the minimum wage.

On payslips, it seems to show that some of the staff in Haringey, north London, who worked for the contractor, Sevacare, were only being paid a rate of £3.27 per hour, which was, at the time, less than half the minimum wage.

Seventeen ex-employees go to employment tribunal over low wages

Sevacare to be taken to employment tribunal over rates of pay

Their union, Unison, says that an employment tribunal will be looking at some of the worst ever pay rule breaches they have ever come across.

However, Sevacare says they do pay above the minimum wage but some of the workers feel that hours the company deemed as off-duty, should also be counted.

Sevacare, who no longer have a contract with Haringey, have a number of contracts with other local authorities throughout the UK and provide support and care to around 9,600 people every week.

The seventeen workers involved in this case, one man and sixteen women, were Sevacare employees, who cared for people in the Haringey borough for a period of six years, right up to this year.

The workers union, Unison, stated that a rate of £3.27 was the pay given to a number of women whose job required them to act as ‘live-in’ care workers, however, the national minimum wage at the time was £6.70 per hour.

According to Unison, the women were basically on duty 24 hours a day, caring for people in their homes and tending to their every need but Sevacare dispute these claims.

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