Number one health and safety concern in the workplace is stress

A study by the TUC reveals that stress in the wokplace has now reached record levels and is cause for health and safety concern

The TUC have carried out a new survey into stress in the workplace and have found that a new way of dealing with mental health issues is needed, as stress in the British work place has now reached record levels, causing severe health and safety concerns.

They surveyed 1,000 union health and safety reps from different areas of the UK and out of those questioned, seven out of ten said that they suffered from stress, more so amongst those who have been affected by Government spending cuts.

TUC general secretary, Frances O’Grady, commented on the issue: “The message from the shop floor is clear, stress is becoming a bigger and bigger problem. Pressures of long working hours and low job security are being felt in workplaces across the UK.”

Ms O’Grady added that stress in the workplace benefits no-one, including employers, and workers who do suffer from stress tend to be less productive and take more time off work.

According to Ms O’Grady, stress in the workplace can be reduced if workloads are kept to a reasonable level; if the working environment is calm and there are no concerns over bullying, harassment or violence; and if staff have the support and understanding of the management.

According to the survey, stress was the top concern across all eleven of the UK’s regions, including Scotland and Wales.

The biggest increase of stress in the workplace and worries over health and safety was in Northern Ireland, which had increased by 13% to 78%, compared to 65% only two years previously.

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