April 2016 employment law changes: Part Two

Employment law changes will come into effect at the beginning of April

Last week we outlined four major employment law changes that are to be introduced in April 2016. This week we bring you four more important changes that will effect employers and employees across the UK.

1) The government is expected to introduce new public-sector exit payment recovery regulations in April 2016 but this is not yet definite as the government is still in process of analysing consultation feedback.

However, if the regulations go ahead, high-earning (£80,000+) public-sector employees will be required to repay exit payments (voluntary exit payments, redundancy payments, early retirement/pension payments) if they return to work in the public-sector within 12 months.

Important changes to be introduced to employment law legislation

Employment law to undergo changes from April

2) Employers who provide a certificate of sponsorship for a skilled worker to come to the UK from abroad must pay tier 2 workers a minimum salary of £35,000 from April 6, 2016.

3) The government will introduce a financial penalty system for employers who do not pay the full compensation award or Acas settlement sum to successful tribunal claimants. The penalty will be 50% of the outstanding amount, with a minimum penalty of £100 and a maximum of £5,000.

4) The final point of which employers and employees should be aware, is that there will be no change made to statutory sick pay rates and statutory maternity, paternity and adoption pay rates in April 2016. These pay rates will remain the same as April 2015.

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