An Asda equal pay tribunal will go ahead

Employment tribunal brought by over 7,000 employees

An Asda employment tribunal concerning equal pay among its employees is to go ahead, after a failed attempt by the supermarket chain to block it in the Court of Appeal.

Over 7,000 employees, most of whom are women that work in hourly paid jobs, have brought the tribunal.

The workers are demanding equal pay after discovering that employees who work in Asda’s distribution depots, most of whom are men, generally receive more pay.

Asda will face an employment tribunal concerning equal pay

Asda will face an employment tribunal concerning equal pay

The giant supermarket wanted the employment tribunal to be stopped, meaning that the workers would have had to take their fight to the High Court but the employment tribunal said that it would not be appropriate to stop the proceedings and did not have the power to do so.

At the Court of Appeal, the tribunal’s decision was challenged by Asda but the decision to go ahead with the tribunal was upheld by two judges.

A spokesperson for Asda said: “The ruling from the Court of Appeal relates solely to the way the case will proceed in the courts – it has nothing to do with the merits of the case itself.”

“Whilst we respect the court’s decision, we continue to strongly dispute the claims being made against us in the employment tribunal.”

Asda’s spokesperson went on to explain that it was a legal case to do with different rates of pay for different jobs and that the jobs in question are totally different in terms of their individual demands.

The spokesperson also said that employees doing the same job get paid the same and that men and women who do the same job in Asda retail stores get paid the same, just like men and women both doing the same job in their distribution and logistics centres get the same pay.

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