Chessington World of Adventures admits health and safety violation

Chessington World of Adventures admits health and safety violation after Kent girl dropped 14ft while queuing for a ride

A theme park has been fined GBP150,000 after acknowledging a health and safety breach when a girl fell 14feet while queueing for a ride which left her with a fractured skull.

The child from Kent, who was four years old at the time, also endured a bleed on the mind and broken ribs after falling from a bridge in the line for the Tomb Blaster draw at Chessington World of Adventures in Surrey in June 2012.

The company admitted a charge relating to section three of the Health and Safety at Work Act that is largely to do with a duty to look after individuals or visitors not in their employment.

The prosecution was brought by the Health and Safety Executive at Guildford Crown Court.
An inspector had found water had rotted the wood on an portions of the fence in the queue where the girl fell.

Chessington released the following statement: “Chessington World of Adventures regards the Health & Safety of its guests and employees as its number one priority.
“The Resort has a fantastic safety record and every year we invest significant resources in care and safety measures.

“What occurred to the young kid was an isolated event which we profoundly regret, and from the beginning we have put in place a package of support for the child along with the family.

“We’ve also collaborated fully with the HSE investigation. This revealed both a rigorous review and care regime, and evidence not only of quite swift action by staff, but also that the paling was dislodged by the use of exceptional force upon it shortly before the injury.

“However, we have worked with the HSE to place some added measures set up, including the setup of new metal safety fencing along the queue line.”