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All businesses in the UK must make sure that they have sufficient health and safety measures in place that meet HSE guidelines. Our professional health and safety consultants in Leicester can provide your business with the cover it needs to ensure that it meets the required health and safety regulations. Call our expert advisers today for information on how we can help your business.

The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, requires that all employers in the United Kingdom take suitable steps to protect themselves and their employees from sickness and injury in the workplace. Failure to take the appropriate precautions under the act may result in the employer or self-employed individual facing a heavy fine or a jail sentence. Therefore, it is essential that your Leicester business has the appropriate health and safety measures in place.

Health and safety consultant in Leicester

Our expert health and safety advisers in Leicester offer our clients a number of ways to protect their employees and their business, including the following:

• The ability to appoint us as your fully competent person to oversee all health and safety procedures
• Helpful advice on managing the risks in your business
• Health and safety lessons for all members of staff, including first-aid training
• A thorough low-cost risk assessment
• Updates of your health and safety policies depending on current/changing legislation
• Online support
• 24/7 support help line

With leading health and safety consultants across Leicester, we offer an unbeatable service to ensure that your business complies with UK health and safety standards. Our team of expert advisers can cover all business based in the East Midlands. Not having sufficient measures in place to prevent sickness and injury in the workplace is a serious issue that could affect your business; that’s why we provide our clients with expert cover that complies with the latest HSE guidelines.


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