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Our Newcastle health and safety consultants can provide your business with the health and safety cover it requires to comply with UK health and safety requirements.

We understand that not having the appropriate health and safety cover is serious business; that’s why we offer realistic ways to protect employees and businesses. It is important for a business to have the appropriate health and safety cover, which is why we offer a first-in-class service to protect your business and employees. For reliable health and safety consultants in Newcastle and the Tyne region, call us today on 0800 211 8331 for a free quote.

Following the establishment of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) all UK employers have a legal duty to provide appropriate protection to their employees and others from dangers in the workplace. Under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, employers must show that they have taken the sufficient precautions to prevent work inflicted injuries and illnesses. The employer may be prosecuted if it is discovered that sufficient steps have not been taken to prevent sickness and injury. The employer will be liable for any fines and may face a jail sentence.

Health and safety consultant in Newcastle

Our expert health and safety consultants in Newcastle can provide your business with the correct means to ensure that your business can operate without risk to the health of yourself or your employees. We provide our clients with:

• The ability to appoint us as your competent person to oversee health and safety procedures
• Advice on how to manage the risks in your business
• A comprehensive risk assessment of your business in Newcastle or the North-East
• Up to date information about your health and safety policies depending on current/changing legislation
• A choice of health and safety training courses for your employees, including first-aid
• Online support
• 24/7 access to our advice and help line.

Our nationwide experience can help your business meet national health and safety standards. Our professional health and safety consultants offer services to businesses all across the north of England. We can help your business to make sure it fully complies with national health and safety regulations, whether your business is based in Heaton, Westgate, or anywhere else in Newcastle. Our first class health and safety consultants in Newcastle provide our clients with an outstanding service. With expertise and knowledge of health and safety in variety of businesses, we have the experience to ensure that your business is easily able to meet any UK health and safety standards. For health and safety consultants in the Newcastle area, call the professionals today for a free quote on 0800 211 8331 FREE. • Fully accredited expert health and safety consultants in Newcastle • Cost efficient risk assessments • 24/7 support and advice • Thorough health and safety cover for businesses in Tyneside • Available across Newcastle and the north-east

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