Health and safety experts guilty of failing to ensure workers’ safety

Consultancy firm found guilty of health and safety offences

A health and safety company has been found guilty of committing multiple offences under the Health and Safety at Work Act at Ipswich Crown Court and will be sentenced next month.

Worksafe Training Consultancy, based in St Andrew’s Street, Bury St Edmunds, appeared in Ipswich Crown Court where the directors underwent a four day trial before a judge and jury, who decided that the company was guilty of failing to ensure the safety of workers at a factory which had hired the company for its supposed expertise.

Managers at Jan Cavelle Furniture, in Haverhill, hired Worksafe Training Consultancy to advise them on meeting current health and safety standards. Worksafe contracted the job out to a third-party consultant, who gave the managers at Jan Cavelle “bad advice”.

Two Jan Cavelle employees, Caine Heathcote and Stefan Puricel, suffered serious injuries at their workplace factory when operating a woodworking machine, an overhead router, and a biscuit jointer. Jan Cavelle and the Health and Safety Executive hold Worksafe responsible for providing an ‘inadequate’ consultancy service.

The court heard how Worksafe were to receive a payment of £1,500 from Jan Cavelle for its consultancy service. The managing director of Worksafe, Russell Fife, said his company would have pocketed half of this, while the other half would have gone to the sub-contracted consultant.

Worksafe Training Consultancy was found guilty of a number of breaches of the Health and Safety at Work Act and will be sentenced in April.

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