Holbeach in Bloomin’ health and safety craziness

Hanging baskets attached to Western Power poles have to be removed over health and safety issues

The chairman for Holbeach in Bloom, Graham Rudkin, has lashed out at a decision which meant that his team had to take down a number of hanging baskets from a cark park, as ‘health and safety bureaucracy gone silly again’.

Boston Road car park had twelve Holbeach in Bloom hanging baskets but nine of them were on brackets attached to Western Power poles, which carry live electricity power lines. The company ordered Holbeach in Bloom to take them down.

Mr Rudkin said: “I think they have got a health and safety issue with the baskets being on the poles – they have only been up there for ten years.”

Hanging baskets have been banned in Holbeach over health and safety concerns

Hanging baskets have been banned in Holbeach over health and safety concerns

Mr Rudkin thinks that when a new power supply box was installed, South Holland District Council contacted Western Power to have it inspected. Whilst there, they asked who the hanging baskets belonged to and said that they were a health and safety issue and had to be taken down.

In response to the news, Mr Rudkin thought that is was just health and safety gone mad and said that the brackets were checked every year and not a danger to the public. He said that he was a little peeved about the decision and that the baskets brightened up a dull area.

However, Holbeach in Bloom have been given permission to use council lampposts to hang baskets on but Mr Rudkin says that there aren’t many available, so he is thinking of another way he can carry on brightening up the car park next year.

A Western Power spokesman said: “It’s more to do with public safety. We can’t allow anything to be connected to our electrical infrastructure or interfered with in any way. The poles carry live electricity power lines and should be kept well clear of.”

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