Asda store investigates amid health and safety fears

Health and Safety fears sparked by claims of mould and dirt at Asda store

An investigation has been launched by Asda after a worker at their big supermarket in Bristol claims that health & safety issues are not being adhered to.

The member of staff, who has remained anonymous, works at the Asda store, Bedminster. The anonymous worker became so concerned about the conditions in the store that they decided to take photographs, which clearly show signs of dirt and mould within the supermarket building.

Health and safety concerns at Bedminster Asda store

Asda at Bedminster

The member of staff has said the they have reported various health and safety issues with store management on numerous occasions but to no avail and believes that cost-cutting has led to the health and safety standards dropping within the store.

The supermarket has now launched an investigation into the claims made by the anonymous member of staff.

The anonymous whistle-blower said, “Despite me and other staff informing management of these health and safety issues – mould, no first aiders – staff were not listened to and there is still a hazard that customers are not aware of and should be aware of.”

A spokesperson at Asda has said that they do take food safety and hygiene very seriously and pride themselves on maintaining the highest standards within their stores.

They have now launched a full investigation into the allegations and would like to reassure all Asda customers that they are confident that high standards are maintained in all Asda supermarkets.

A spokesperson at the city council said that it is Asda’s responsibility to make sure that all food safety and hygiene standards are complied with across all stores.

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