Library cat avoids street living after health and safety fears

Texas officials have revoked its decision to evict a library cat which was to be cast out over health and safety fears

A rescue cat who resides at a state library in Texas has been saved from homelessness following an outcry from locals and the wider public who kicked up a huge fuss to save the poor feline when his livelihood was threatened by health and safety concerns.

The aptly named cat, Browser, was adopted six years ago by staff at White Settlement Library, in Texas, and he has since become a member of the library team, loved by employees and visitors alike.

He was rescued from an animal shelter six years ago and moved into the library to help with a rodent problem. Throughout this time, the library has become Browser’s home and he has become a top attraction for library goers.

However, according to reports from the Associated Press, Browser’s future was cast into uncertainty following a complaint by a man who was refused entry into a city hall because he was accompanied by his puppy. The man made a formal complaint and used Browser’s presence in the city library as an argument.

For this reason, city council officials met to discuss the health and safety issues involved in allowing a cat to live in a public building. It was decided that Browser posed a risk to those who suffer from cat dander allergies. A vote of 2-1 against Browser seemingly sealed his doom.

However, news of the poor cat’s eviction reached sympathetic ears and a petition was set up to keep Browser firmly in his bookish place. City council officials reacted to the public outcry and revoked their decision to boot Browser out.

The Dallas Morning News commented on Browser’s library duties: “Like most felines, Browser spends a good deal of time napping, lounging and sneaking out the door — but he also attends the library’s GED classes and has an honorary diploma, the library says. And each year, the library sells a calendar full of pictures of Browser as a fundraiser.”

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