New future for Great Britain’s healthy and safety strategy

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has released figures showing the improvement that Great Britain has made in work-related healthy and safety issues within the last 10 years and has also announced a new six theme strategy for the future.

The HSE said that Great Britain can be proud of its record in health and safety in the workplace but that there is still much room for improvement. In the year 2014/2015, there was 142 incidents of fatality in the workplace, compared with 223 in 2004/2005; and more than £1.2million people are suffering from an illness caused by work-related issues.

HSE introduces new healthy and safety in the workplace strategy

Dame Judith Hackitt wants to “continue to help Great Britain work well”

The six themes for the new strategy read as follows:

1) Promoting broader ownership of healthy and safety in Great Britain
2) Highlighting and addressing the costs of work-related ill health
3) Simplifying risk management to allow businesses to progress
4) Provide support to small employers
5) Anticipating and addressing new health and safety issues
6) Promoting the success of Great Britain’s leading healthy and safety strategy

Dame Judith Hackitt, chair of HSE, said: “We can be proud of the country’s record on work-related safety and health – it’s one of the best in the world. Making it even better is the challenge, so that we can all continue to help Great Britain work well.”

Dame Hackitt has urged unions, top industry figures, local governments, workers and employers, to offer their opinion on the new strategy for healthy and safety in Great Britain and that they should now start “a conversation” in order to create a “strategy for all, shaped by all.”