More health and safety measures needed at trampoline parks

Concern over health and safety at trampoline parks in the UK A number of organisations, which includes the British Gymnastics group, say more health and safety measures are needed at trampoline parks across the UK. The organisations have joined together and come up with a set of guidelines they believe should be put in place […]

Employment tribunal for CitySprint over freelance workers rights

The company faces an employment tribunal over demands to treat freelance couriers as workers   The UK’s leading delivery company CitySprint, are the latest British firm to be taken to an employment tribunal over demands that freelance couriers should be treated the same as workers. A number of other disputes relating to the growing ‘gig […]

Heinz Beans advert banned over health and safety fears

The #CanSong advert banned over health and safety concerns   The Can Song advert by Heinz has been banned for encouraging behaviour which could lead to the risk of cuts and for health and safety reasons, the advert can no longer be shown on TV. In the advert, viewers are shown how to use an […]

TV-chef Michel Roux Jr condemned for failing to pay living wage

An investigation by the Guardian found the celebrity chef was paying some staff just £5.50 per hour Celebrity chef Michel Roux Jr has admitted to paying some of his restaurant staff less than the national living wage, according to an investigation by the Guardian. In a statement published by the management team at Michel Roux Jr’s […]

Prison officers striking on health and safety grounds forced back to work

Under current laws, it is illegal for prison officers to strike or for anyone to induce striking action A 24-hour protest staged by the nation’s prison officers on account of health and safety concerns, was cut short by the High Court after the justice secretary, Elizabeth Truss, took legal action to prevent the issue from […]

Number of employment tribunal cases fall by 73%

Slump blamed on introduction of employment tribunal fees of up to £1,200 A new study has revealed that the number of employees taking claims out for discrimination or unfair dismissal to employment tribunals, has fallen by 73% since the introduction of charges were put in place. According to the Trades Union Congress (TUC), there’s been […]

Health and safety fears on Southern Rail network

Commuters say overcrowding and “mass panic” in crowds are unsatisfactory health and safety risks Commuters using the Southern Rail network have warned that dangerous overcrowding and “mass panic” in crowds are unsatisfactory health and safety risks and not acceptable conditions for the public to have to deal with. The Association of British Commuters (ABC), said […]

Former VIP protection officer awarded over £450,000 by employment tribunal

The ex-officer took Cleveland Police to an employment tribunal over race discrimination A former VIP protection officer who took Cleveland Police to an employment tribunal over claims of racial discrimination, has won his case and been awarded £457,664 in damages. The employment tribunal ruled last year that Nadeem Saddique, who in the past was responsible […]

According to Health and Safety Executives, 1.3 million workers suffer from work-related illness

Health and safety Executives (HSE) release annual illness and injury statistics The annual statistics for illness and injury have been released by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for 2015/16. The report uses information from a number of sources, including RIDDOR reporting, the Labour Force Survey, HSE cost model & enforcement data, as well as […]

Man, 75, wins employment tribunal case following unfair dismissal

Judge awards 75-year-old man £6,800 following age discrimination employment tribunal case A 75-year-old man who was dismissed from his gift shop job in Wanstead because of his age and told by his former boss to “go and find a job at B&Q”, has won his employment tribunal case. Brian Smith, of Leytonstone, had been working at […]

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