Health and Safety in Football

Football can be a dangerous sport if the correct health and safety measures are not in place.

We can provide your football organisation with health and safety consultants who will ensure your organisation is meeting the requirements of the health and safety in football regulations.

It is a legal requirement for all self-employed, employers, managers or owners of football organisations to ensure that the health and safety of their players and anyone else involved in football is protected as far as is reasonably practicable. This is a legal obligation and must be followed in line with the Health and Safety at Work etc Act, 1974.

Football Health and Safety

All too often football health and safety focuses completely on the players. However, the referees, coaches and spectators are all at risk from injuries or illnesses and your organisation must ensure you have made allowances for them as well as the players.

Some of the potential risks for playing football and being involved in football are as follows:

  • Cuts, grazes and bruises
  • Spraining an ankle, tearing ligaments and breaking bones
  • Head injuries such as concussion
  • Over using muscles
  • Heat stroke, dehydration and sunburn.

Under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, anyone who is employed by the football club to carry out work, for example, a contractor to work on a club house or stadium, is classed as an employee of the football club and must be considered in the health and safety policy of the club.

Health and Safety Football: Risks and Hazards in Football

If you are unsure on how to meet the health and safety in football requirements then call us now for more information and advice.

Health and safety in football is a serious issue. It must be assessed and managed appropriately in order to provide protection for everyone involved. Without this protection, HSE has a legal right to prosecute any employer/manager/owner of a football club without the appropriate health and safety regulations. Consequences for breaching HSE regulations can be severe, resulting in heavy fines, potentially large compensation payouts and even jail time. Therefore, it is crucial that your football club ensures it has the correct health and safety procedure.

We can provide you with leading health and safety consultants who can ensure your football organisation is fully compliant with the health and safety in football regulations.

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