High street retailer Sports Direct to drop its ‘six strike’ policy…

…and retail staff will be offered guaranteed hours, rather than zero-hours contracts

Sports Direct has apologised over the way it treated its employees and has announced that retail staff will be offered guaranteed hours, rather than the current zero-hours contracts.

The high street retailer says that it will also axe the ‘six strikes and you’re out’ policy, which meant that members of staff could be fired for such things as; taking too long on toilet breaks, excessive chatting, or for taking time off when a child was unwell.

The firm admitted in a statement that there were “serious shortcomings… in working practices in [the] warehouse, which the board deeply regrets and apologises for”.

Sports Direct to get rid of 'six strikes'policy and zero-hours contracts

Sports Direct to offer 12 hour contracts

The company also acknowledged that their ‘six strikes’ policy was a “blunt instrument that can leave too much subjectivity in the hands of a few.” A fairer system has now been planned, in which staff will be treated with “dignity, respect and fairness.”

However, The Guardian, who were responsible for uncovering the difficult working practices at Sports Direct in 2015, reported that the company has not offered guaranteed hours to four thousand of its agency workers, who work at its warehouse in Derbyshire.

The company has in the past admitted that some of its staff were paid less than minimum wage but promised to increase pay and said that underpayment was down to an administrative error.

Some other company changes have been announced including, less staff searches on workers leaving the warehouse and the number of brands the staff are banned from wearing, is set to be reduced from eight hundred to thirty.

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