Heinz Beans advert banned over health and safety fears

The #CanSong advert banned over health and safety concerns


The Can Song advert by Heinz has been banned for encouraging behaviour which could lead to the risk of cuts and for health and safety reasons, the advert can no longer be shown on TV.

In the advert, viewers are shown how to use an empty can of Heinz baked beans to tap out the rhythm of a tune followed by the catchline “Learn the #CanSong”.

Heinz beans advert banned over health and safety fears

Heinz beans #CanSong banned over health and safety fears © Copyright Gary Rogers and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

However, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), have banned the advert because of the “associated risk of cuts”.

The advert received nine viewer complaints saying that it encouraged “unsafe practice” and a further six viewers said the advert showed behaviour that could prove dangerous for youngsters to mimmick.

In response to the complaints and subsequent ban, Heinz said that the people in the advert were shown to be tapping on “safe” surfaces of the can; the sealed top, bottom and sides and never shows any of the actors placing their hands into an open can.

They also stated that consumers of their baked beans had been uploading their own can song versions on social media websites, “which was evidence that copying the advert was not prejudicial to their health or safety”.

The ASA however, said that consumers were probably not going to be as good as the actors in the advert at flipping and spinning the can and as a result, it was possible that a mistake could be made whilst using the empty can to copy the advert and fingers or hands placed into the can could end up with cuts.

According to the ASA, the advert never gave instructions to viewers about how to make the can safe before using to play the can song and as a result the ASA decision was that the advert “condoned and encouraged behaviour that prejudiced health and safety.”

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