Contracts at Asos warehouse deemed ‘exploitative’ and could breach employment laws

XPO Logistics, who run the warehouse at Grimethorpe for Asos, claim they are “fully compliant with employment law”

Head of the Commons Business Committee, MP Iain Wright, has said that Asos’s work contracts at their warehouse, were ‘exploitative’ and needed to be tested in court, to see whether they were breaching employment laws.

Mr Wright said that ‘flex’ contracts needed to be examined by Parliament, as some of the workers shifts at the fashion company’s warehouse, were reduced or extended by two hours.

Contracts at Asos warehouse deemed 'exploitative' and could breach employment laws

Asos warehouse in Grimethorpe accused of breaching employment laws

According to one employment lawyer, the contracts may even breach employment law and legislation.

The fashion company is now one of the biggest on-line fashion retailers in the UK and have over nine million customers.

XPO Logistics, who take care of the warehouse for Asos, said that they were “fully compliant with employment law”, however, the company has since spoken to the workers about changes they are planning to make to some of their practices.

At their warehouse in Grimethorpe, near Barnsley, which employs around 4,000 people, workers who are asked to ‘pick’ items for distribution, have to reach a target of 160 items in one hour, whereas the target for ‘pack’ workers is 170 items an hour.

A large number of workers have complained about the ‘flex’ clause, which was designed to deal with busy or quiet periods at the warehouse and runs on alternate weeks.

One worker said that she was asked in the middle of a shift to do extra hours and said basically, that is was unpaid overtime. She also said that if workers refused to ‘flex up’, they were disciplined.

Workers have now been told that they will not be asked on the day to ‘flex up’, which comes after investigations into practices at the warehouse began.

Asos have been asked by the GMB union, who represent staff at the warehouse in Grimethorpe, to work harder at addressing concerns at the site regarding work practices.

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