Couple’s doormat confiscated over ‘health and safety’ concerns

They’ve been asked to pay £40 by the council to get their ‘health and safety hazard’ back

A young couple have had their doormat taken off them by the council, who claimed that it was a health and safety risk – they now have to pay £40 to get it back.

They arrived back at their two-bedroomed flat to discover that their doormat had gone and a note had been left by Dacorum Borough Council.

Ashley Tofte and fiancée Jade Bunce, who are both aged 24 and live in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, now have until December 21 to collect their doormat and pay the £40 fee, which according to the note is to cover removal and storage service costs.

The note from the council also read: “It is our legal duty to keep these areas clear of hazards and combustible materials.”

Mr Tofte could not believe it and thought it was one of his neighbours having a joke with the couple. They have appealed the decision, however they still have to collect their doormat and pay the £40 charge.

This is another case of health and safety gone mad, like the refuse collection workers last year in Colchester, who were banned from wearing Christmas hats or any other Christmas attire over health and safety – reason given was that other drivers on the road could be distracted!

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