‘Ugly’ gate erected over health and safety fears disappears

The ‘prison-style’ 8ft tall gate was hated by the locals before it disappeared again

An 8ft tall ‘ugly’ iron gate which was erected on the seafront by the council due to health and safety concerns has been stolen during the night.

The ‘prison-style’ gate has caused residents in Christchurch, Dorset, to threaten a ‘mini-revolution’ over the erection.

The iron gate was erected over health and safety fears but campaigners against the gate have accused the council of ‘blotting the seascape’ on one of the UK’s most idyllic beaches, at Mudeford Spit.

Iron gate erected due to health and safety fears

Locals were appalled by the iron gate which blighted the scenery

The gate was removed sometime after 7pm on Thursday 28th April and was noticed missing on Friday morning around 10:00am on 29th April. It is believed the gate was removed from its position with a welding torch, therefore prompting an investigation by the police.

Steven Bath, the owner of a beach hut, said that he had been left saddened that a criminal act had been responsible for the removal of the gate.

Mr Bath said: “I have been warning that there would be a mini-revolution like this because the hutters are livid about it. If you push people hard enough they will revolt.”

He added: “It is what we have been campaigning for. It is ugly and ruins our lovely beach.”

Mr Bath says that he was glad the gate had gone but disappointed that it had been removed due to a criminal act. Himself and his group of campaigners were following the right channels to having it removed and believed they were on course to winning the case.

Many residents have been celebrating the fact that the gate has been removed but the council have already confirmed that a new gate has been ordered.

A spokesperson from Dorset police has confirmed that the incident is being investigated and would like to appeal for any witnesses to come forward.

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