Farm workers get health and safety warning

The death of two men on a farm in East Yorkshire in December has resulted in a healthy and safety warning from the National Farmers Union of England and Wales.

The incident occurred on Monday, December 14, when two farm workers, named locally as Richard Pooley, 36, and Alexander Forman, 32, were overcome by slurry pit fumes while working at Sunk Island, Holderness. The emergency services were called but the two men were sadly pronounced dead at the scene.

The tragedy comes a few years after a similar incident took place in Northern Ireland in September 2012, when three members of the same family died from slurry pit gases. The gases produced by slurry pits is a lethal mixture of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, and methane.

Health and safety warning after two farm workers die in slurry pit

Holderness, East Yorkshire

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Humberside Police are now working together with the Holderness farm owners to discover the circumstances surrounding the sad deaths of the two men.

A spokesperson for the National Farmers Union (NFU) commented: “The NFU is part of the Farmers’ Safety Partnership and we have identified slurry gas deaths as an issue and have raised awareness into them … Agriculture does have a greater record for accidents than in other areas, but we do our best to get the safety messages across.”

The recent statistics released by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show that there were 37 deaths on farmland in the year 2014/2015.