Modern health and safety laws would prevent old TV stunts

Michael Crawford says many stunts would not be allowed due to modern health and safety rules

Actor Michael Crawford has said that modern health and safety regulations in the UK would prevent the re-creation of many of the stunts he filmed in the iconic ’70s show, Some Mothers Do ‘Ave Em.

Speaking to Radio Times, the actor said many of the stunts he acted out for his role as Frank Spencer would create legislation difficulty for producers in this decade, as health and safety regulations in Britain have become much stricter in the years since the last episode of Some Mothers Do ‘Ave Em was filmed.

Michael Crawford is set to reprise his role as Frank Spencer for Sport Relief in a new one-off special of the much-loved ’70s comedy show. The 74-year-old actor told Radio Times that the classic scene where he’s in a car hanging over the edge of a cliff with his onscreen wife, Betty (played by Michele Dotrice), would probably be prohibited today.

Michael also doubts that modern health and safety officers would allow the filming of the famous pier scene. However, he promised Sport Relief viewers something slightly less dangerous but equally comical to look forward to.

Michael Crawford told Radio Times: “Of course these days it’s all much more difficult with health and safety rules. We didn’t have those 42 years ago.”

The actor told the publication how he’d turned down a number of remake proposals since Some Mothers Do ‘Ave Em ended in 1978, and confirmed that the new one-off special, also featuring Michele Dotrice, is just that.

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