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Accident and Incident Reporting Toolbox Talk

It’s essential that whenever an accident or incident occurs in any workplace it’s reported. This helps businesses learn from mistakes. Use this free accident and incident reporting toolbox talk to follow the proper process. You can also explore our accident and incident reporting software or discover more toolbox talks covering various topics in our online library.

Free accident reporting toolbox talk

If you have an accident at work then it’s in your own interest to get first aid and report it to the site occupier.

All employees/sub-contractors are required to immediately report every accident, dangerous occurrence, or near miss arising from company work activities involving them, other contractors or members of the public as a direct result of the company work activity,  to their immediate manager.

Certain types of accidents andincidents have to be reported to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). In these cases, the company health and safety manager will report them when notified by management.

Accidents that have to be reported to HSE include:

If an absence is due as a direct result of a physical accident while working on a company business, the employee must obtain a medical certificate from the first day of injury.

If an accident is reported to any employee that involves a member of the public or an employee of a third party being injured whilst using any equipment maintained under contract by the company, then that employee must report the incident to his/her line manager.




Person carrying out TBT:




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