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Banksmen Slingers – Tool Box Talks

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Introduction: The movement of loads around a site, whether by teleporter, crane or whatever, entails an element of risk. The use of banksmen/slingers can significantly assist in controlling these risks.

Main points:
• Any banksmen/slingers must be competent, i.e. must have received formal training.
• All lifting operations should be suitably planned prior to commencing.
• Ensure effective communications are in place.

Discussion points:
• Visually inspect all lifting gear daily – if in doubt do not use.
• Ensure safe working loads (SWL’s) are always complied with.
• Establish communications with the crane driver where applicable – if you can’t see him then use radios (ensure radios are fully charged before the start of shifts).
• When using signals then stand where you can clearly see the load, the crane operator can clearly see you, and make your signs clear and distinct using only the approved codes.
• Ensure you are aware of all relevant hazards on site including overhead power lines, excavations, etc.
• Always wear a safety helmet and hi-visibility vest.
• Always ensure crane hooks are centrally located over loads to reduce swinging when raised.
• Ensure loads are lifted off the ground, are free, and are correctly slung before hoisting.
• Use guide ropes to steady loads where applicable.
• When a crane is in operation, then concentrate on your task, do not become distracted, and on no account leave the area unless relieved by another competent person.
• If the crane is travelling, ensure you warn the driver of obstructions, sharp corners, etc.

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