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Battery Charging Toolbox Talk

Here’s a free toolbox talk for battery charging. There are various risks including burns, electrocution, and explosion when charging batteries of any type, which this toolbox talk addresses. Learn more about TBTs, view and download all our toolbox talks with more than 60 available online with our toolbox talks kit.

Battery charging safety toolbox talk


Charging batteries for power tools, machinery, and industrial equipment presents hazards and risks such as chemical burns, electric shocks, and explosions. Mitigate and manage such risks with safe and effective battery charging practices.

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Jump-starting dead batteries in cars and trucks are not uncommon, particularly in winter. The first thought is to get a jump start. When jumping a battery, remember the following safeguards:

Remember that these rules apply both on and off the job. The batteries in your own vehicle or on your boat are just as potentially dangerous. Respect the hazards and take no chances or shortcuts!




Person carrying out TBT:



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