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What are RAMS?

6th Jun 2024

A Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS) is a health and safety document that outlines the steps to carry out a certain job or task safely. They’re sometimes simply referred to as method statements but should not be confused with risk assessments. RAMS follow on from a risk assessment, which simply identifies the hazards on a […]

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heat wave air con old people

HEATWAVE! Plea to open air conditioned offices to the vulnerable

15th Jul 2022

Saving lives following Met Office extreme heat warnings Companies with air conditioned offices should open themselves up to the old and vulnerable to help them cope with the current heatwave. With the Met Office extending its extreme weather warning into next week, one Yorkshire-based health and safety company says that such gestures could potentially save […]

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Alcohol risk assessments should be issued to customers in pubs

14th Apr 2021

Do you really want to know the risks of what you’re drinking? The local pub is a reliable staple of many streets in the UK, but you could be getting more than just a drink next time you pop into your local boozer. One company is calling for risk assessments to be issued in pubs, […]

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90% admit to boozing while working from home

14th Dec 2020

Can you stop your staff from drinking on the job? To say that 2020 has been a tough year is an understatement, and it appears that there has been an increase in the amount of alcohol being consumed at home since the pandemic began. But the worry for many employers is that staff are drinking […]

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Laws and legislation immediately required for face masks

16th Nov 2020

Is your face mask really keeping you protected? Improvised masks like scarves and plastic buckets are a danger to public health and laws are needed to protect us. That’s the opinion of a health and safety company which believes there should be a minimum standard for face coverings during this pandemic. UK based risk assessment […]

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Carrier bags, nappies and socks: The weird things used instead of masks

13th Nov 2020

Because wearing a regular face mask is just boring Some people are ignoring safety advice drummed into them since childhood and are wearing plastic bags over their heads as Covid-19 face masks. Since wearing one has become law in a bid to combat the virus, face masks have become just as essential as making sure […]

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Plastic bags, sex masks or buckets are not facemasks

24th Jul 2020

Don’t just stand there – let’s get to it , wear a mask – there’s nothing to it Not even the best fashion forecasters would have predicted that the hottest fashion accessory for 2020 would be the face mask. As wearing a facemask is set to become mandatory in shops in England from the 24th […]

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We regret to announce the death of the office romance

21st Jul 2020

Because it’s highly unlikely you will meet the love of your life while working at your dining table One of the benefits (or hazards, depending on your perspective) of office working – the office romance – is fizzling out, thanks to four months of working from home. With one in ten people meeting their spouse […]

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