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Workplaces are not equipped for the great COVID 19 tour de lockdown

12th Jun 2020

Bike to work? Where are you going to keep it? Many workplaces are not equipped with bike storage for staff. Businesses aren’t prepared for workers who obey official advice to avoid public transport and to cycle to work instead. Increasing numbers of people are set to take to two wheels to get to their workplace, […]

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Up to 80% of businesses are not providing any PPE for staff

10th Jun 2020

Tight bosses are leaving workers in the UK vulnerable The big return to work could be hampered by a lack of even the most basic of protection for workers, it’s feared. After weeks of working from home, many [area,fallback=] workers are preparing to go back to the daily grind as lockdown measures ease and everyday […]

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Social distancing to bring explosion in office space

27th May 2020

Extra space needed as staff have to spread out – but will greedy landlords pump up rents? As businesses slowly begin to reopen after the Covid-19 lockdown, many employers are realising that their current offices may not be large enough to deal with the requirements of social distancing. As one health and safety consultancy points […]

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Covid 19 risk assessment template

27th May 2020

Looking to get back to work safely? We have created a free COVID-19 risk assessment to help ensure that you, your work friends and customers remain safe. Check out our health and safety software for free You can download a copy of the coronavirus covid19 risk assessment here part 1 and part 2 and it is […]

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Back to school social distancing is impossible for young children

20th May 2020

Let’s not kid ourselves – Try telling a room full of children they can’t play together As the UK government unveils a new phased exit strategy for lockdown measures, children as young as four years old could be allowed back to school in a matter of weeks. And that could be a disaster because young […]

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Workplace bullying fears due to coronavirus fears

26th Mar 2020

Why being nice to each other is more important than ever Discrimination in the workplace is a rising cause for concern in the UK, as the Covid-19 pandemic places the country on a lockdown. While those identified as ‘keyworkers’ have been told to continue going to work, there’s increasing concern over workplace bullying regardless as […]

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Coronavirus: Call for 10000s more hand washing stations in public places

3rd Mar 2020

Face masks are largely ineffective, just concentrate on personal hygiene With Coronavirus spreading globally from the outbreak in China, we desperately need more places to wash our hands to keep ourselves protected. That’s the opinion of both healthcare experts and a national health and safety software company, who agree that there needs to be more […]

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