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Workplace bullying fears due to coronavirus fears

26th Mar 2020

Why being nice to each other is more important than ever Discrimination in the workplace is a rising cause for concern in the UK, as the Covid-19 pandemic places the country on a lockdown. While those identified as ‘keyworkers’ have been told to continue going to work, there’s increasing concern over workplace bullying regardless as […]

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Coronavirus: Call for 10000s more hand washing stations in public places

3rd Mar 2020

Face masks are largely ineffective, just concentrate on personal hygiene With Coronavirus spreading globally from the outbreak in China, we desperately need more places to wash our hands to keep ourselves protected. That’s the opinion of both healthcare experts and a national health and safety software company, who agree that there needs to be more […]

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Ban the school bake sale

29th Jan 2020

Allergies and food hygiene mean that charity sales are OVER – or are they? We’re a country of cake-lovers, but it really is time to think the unthinkable and ban the school bake sale. That’s the opinion of a British health and safety software company which thinks that the goodwill of buying and scoffing a […]

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83% Do not know where the first aid kid is

10th Dec 2019

Do you know where is is? You’re not alone: Most workers don’t even know what’s inside the kit when they get there. Five out of six British workers have no idea where their workplace first aid kit is located, and even more don’t have a clue what to do once they’ve found it. That’s the […]

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Football is broken – Here’s our top ten list of how technology can fix it

2nd Dec 2019

VAR isn’t working, but our not-too-serious countdown can still help The Beautiful Game. The 2019/20 football season will be the one when everybody realised that VAR technology (Video Assistant Referee) is actually a terrible idea, and is killing the game. But one British company thinks that technology still has a role to play in The […]

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Top weird and wonderful things people would save if the house was on fire

5th Nov 2019

If your house was on fire, would you rescue your signed photo of Sylvester Stallone? We asked people what treasured items they’d save, and of course it got weird. Nobody expects their home to be destroyed by fire, but many of us have been asked the question what single treasured item you’d rush into the […]

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You should have signalled, mate – call for indicators on bicycles

17th Sep 2019

‘You should have signalled, mate’ – Another call for indicators on bicycles Waving your arm ‘just not good enough on today’s busy roads’ Could deaths and serious injuries to cyclists be slashed by fitting bicycles with flashing indicators? That’s the opinion of health and safety experts who think that any initiative to make roads […]

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