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Carrier bags, nappies and socks: The weird things used instead of masks

13th Nov 2020

Because wearing a regular face mask is just boring Some people are ignoring safety advice drummed into them since childhood and are wearing plastic bags over their heads as Covid-19 face masks. Since wearing one has become law in a bid to combat the virus, face masks have become just as essential as making sure […]

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Plastic bags, sex masks or buckets are not facemasks

24th Jul 2020

Don’t just stand there – let’s get to it , wear a mask – there’s nothing to it Not even the best fashion forecasters would have predicted that the hottest fashion accessory for 2020 would be the face mask. As wearing a facemask is set to become mandatory in shops in England from the 24th […]

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We regret to announce the death of the office romance

21st Jul 2020

Because it’s highly unlikely you will meet the love of your life while working at your dining table One of the benefits (or hazards, depending on your perspective) of office working – the office romance – is fizzling out, thanks to four months of working from home. With one in ten people meeting their spouse […]

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Furloughed workers refusing to come back to work

8th Jul 2020

Have laid-off employees become lazy after three months off? For the last three months, more than one in four UK workers has been placed on furlough whilst the country faces the Covid-19 pandemic, and it appears that significant numbers don’t want to go back. While furlough schemes have provided many workers with the opportunity to […]

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Workers fine to return to work without PPE

25th Jun 2020

But 30% willing to quit if workplaces aren’t made safe Big changes are coming to British workplaces, but it seems that many people are happy to return even if there’s no protective gear provided. According to one health and safety company, workers are so relieved to be back and earning money that they’re prepared to […]

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Hard of hearing struggle with face masks

23rd Jun 2020

Hard of hearing struggle with face masks People with hearing problems challenged by Covid-19 PPE Wearing a face mask has become a part of everyday life during the pandemic, but it’s posing communication problems for the hard of hearing. According to one British safety company, lip-readers are finding it hard to understand conversations, and that […]

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Business owners not bouncing for joy over bounce back loans

15th Jun 2020

Companies have found the scheme difficult to apply for. Struggling business owners hoping that the government business loan scheme would offer them a lifeline as they shut up shop during the Covid-19 pandemic are finding the scheme difficult to navigate. UK-based risk assessment experts have learnt that only 45% of eligible businesses have been […]

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Workplaces are not equipped for the great COVID 19 tour de lockdown

12th Jun 2020

Bike to work? Where are you going to keep it? Many workplaces are not equipped with bike storage for staff. Businesses aren’t prepared for workers who obey official advice to avoid public transport and to cycle to work instead. Increasing numbers of people are set to take to two wheels to get to their workplace, […]

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Up to 80% of businesses are not providing any PPE for staff

10th Jun 2020

Tight bosses are leaving workers in the UK vulnerable The big return to work could be hampered by a lack of even the most basic of protection for workers, it’s feared. After weeks of working from home, many [area,fallback=] workers are preparing to go back to the daily grind as lockdown measures ease and everyday […]

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