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Introduction: Suitable and sensible clothing is a pre-requisite of site safety and can provide effective protection against a wide range of hazards.

Main points:
• Wear head protection – it can save your life!
• Wear safety shoes/boots that provide protection to your toes and to the soles of your feet.
• Wear gloves where there is any risk to your hands.
• Wear hi-visibility clothing/vests – be seen.
• Keep clothing reasonably clean to protect against dermatitis, fire, etc.
• Avoid loose clothing – especially loose ends that can get in machinery, etc.
Discussion points:
• Skin cancer is deadly – keep skin covered when working in sunny conditions.
• Avoid exposed skin when working with substances such as cement, tar, insulation, etc.
• If clothing you are wearing becomes contaminated then remove it and get it washed.
• If working with hazardous substances consider use of suitable coveralls.
• Wear any PPE provided, and look after it so that it can look after you.
• Consider fire hazards: cotton burns easier than wool; is fire retardant clothing required?
• Jewellery, including rings, chains, etc, can be hazardous near machinery and when
• Working on plant – consider taking off or taping up (also reduces wear and tear).
• Always dress properly, even for short jobs, and be prepared to swap or add clothing as required for specific tasks.


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