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Construction Contractors Health and Safety Questionnaire

If your working with contractors then you will need them to complete a health and safety questionnaire, you’ll also want to ensure they have their RAMs in place for each job site. Remind them (please) that they can create site safety documents such as RAMS in minutes by using and they can have a free trial.

On with the questionaire ….. You can download one here or use the below to create your own.

It is our policy to formally approve contractors prior to awarding contracts. We require this document to be completed and returned to allow us to compare potential contractors. All answers given may be subject to further scrutiny at a later date. Please provide the documentation requested with your response.

Please provide copies of the following documentation:

Risk assessments and method statements for the activities to be carried out.
• Your H&S policy statement, with the organisation and management arrangements for implementing your policy.
• Copies of Employer liability/third party/public liability Insurance certificates.
• Copies of relevant employee training records. If applicable, please provide copies of the following documentation:
• Copies of any equipment statutory test certificates.
• Copies of certificates of competence for vehicle or plant operators.

The questionnaire. 
Please indicate a yes or no and provide any further information as you see fit.

Health and Safety Advice
Your organisation, and your employees must have ready access to competent health and safety advice, preferably from within your own organisation.

Who has the main H&S responsibility within your organisation?

Internal Source: Provide details of safety qualifications and summary of experience of your H&S advisor.
External Source: Provide details of the source of H&S advice (i.e. safety group, trade federation, or consultant etc.) Please include the name and competency details of the source of advice and information.

Health and Safety Policy
Please provide a signed and dated copy of the current company health & safety policy and organisation for the management of health and safety.

This should be regularly reviewed and signed off by the Managing Director or equivalent.

The policy must be relevant to the nature and scale of your work and set out the responsibilities for health and safety management at all levels within the organisation.

Provide information which should set out the arrangements for the management of health & safety and these should be relevant to the nature and scale of your work to be carried out.

Staff Training and Development
Please provide evidence of staff training to ensure their competence to carry out the work at our premises.
You should have in place and implement, training arrangements to ensure your employees have the skills and understanding necessary to discharge their duties.

Individual Qualifications and / or Competence
Please provide information and evidence of individual qualifications and experience for carrying out the work being tendered for.

Employees are expected to have the appropriate qualifications and experience for the assigned tasks unless they are under controlled and competent supervision.

Monitoring and Review
Please provide evidence of monitoring, audit, and review of the health & safety policy and work activities.

Communication & Consultation
Communication and consultation is the key to worker understanding and involvement in safety management of the workplace.

Please provide evidence of such a consultation.

Accident / Incident Investigation and Recording
Please provide evidence showing the way in which you record and investigate accidents and incidents.

Where applicable please also provide evidence of the following:
• Records of the last two accidents/incidents and action taken to prevent recurrence
• RIDDOR reports within the last 3 years
• Information on any enforcement action taken over the last five years, and what action was taken to put matters right.

Risk Assessments
Please provide evidence showing how the company will identify significant health and safety risks and how they will be controlled.

Please also provide examples of risk assessments relating to the work to be carried out.

If you employ less than five persons and do not have written arrangements, you should be able to describe how you achieve the above.

Method Statements
Please provide evidence that specific method statements have been created in conjunction with the risk assessment process, and that cover all aspects of safety-related aspects of activities to be undertaken.

Co-operation and Co-ordination with Others
Please provide details to demonstrate how you co-operate with others and how you co-ordinate your work with that of other contractors.

Evidence may include sample risk assessments, procedural arrangements, project team meeting notes, or other evidence of how the company co-ordinates its work with other trades.

Welfare Provision
Please provide evidence of how you meet welfare requirements.
This may include health and safety policy commitment, contracts with welfare facility providers, details of the type of welfare facilities provided on previous projects etc.

Work Experience
Please provide a simple record of a recent project/contract which has been undertaken, with the phone numbers/addresses of contacts who can verify that work was carried out with due regard to health and safety.
You should give details of relevant experience in the field of work for which you are applying.

Work Equipment
Please provide evidence of arrangements to carry out service and maintenance to plant or equipment used by the workforce in connection with the discharging of their duties.

Hire Equipment
Do you have a system for ensuring hired equipment is safe to use?
Please provide supporting evidence of such systems.

Has all the information requested been received?
Is the documentation satisfactory?
Is the contractor approved?