COSHH Assessment Template

Did you know that if your employees contract illnesses from hazardous substances at your workplace, you could face huge compensation claims and HSE fines for failing to comply with COSHH regulations?

Substances which are hazardous to health vary from wood dust to isocyanate based products. As an employer you have a legal duty to ensure that your employees are protected as far as is reasonably practicable from these hazards. Failure to do so means you are breaching HSE regulations.

Every year thousands of people die from work-related illnesses. If an illness such as asthma has been diagnosed as occupational then HSE will investigate and could issue fines and compensation payouts that you, the employer must pay.

Did you know that HSE do not need to inform you that they intend to visit your business? HSE officials can inspect your business without any prior notice.

To protect your employees and your business from prosecution under health and safety law, it is crucial that your business undertakes a COSHH risk assessment by a professional.

A competent person must be able to identify all of the hazardous substances in your workplace such as acryloyl chloride and carbon disulfide. These are not easily identifiable to someone who does not have any experience or training in dealing with hazardous substances.

Hazardous substances can take a variety of forms. Failure to identify one can lead to your business breaching HSE and COSHH regulations.

A COSHH assessment form must be carried out by a professional. A COSHH assessment will identify all of the hazardous substances that could be of risk to your employees and a qualified consultant will recommend necessary measures that your business must take to comply with relevant health and safety law.

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Up to 10 years in prison


Up to £1m fine

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