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Eye Protection

Introduction: It only takes a small fragment or splinter to cause irreparable damage to the eye, but most risks can be significantly reduced, if not eliminated, by simply wearing suitable eye protection.

Main points:
• You have a legal obligation to use eye protection provided in accordance with the regulations, and you should never enter an area where eye protection is required unless wearing such.
• Ensure eye protection provided fits you comfortably and is suitable for the job.
• Look after any eye protection provided. Keep them clean and report any damaged, lost or unserviceable eye protection immediately.

Discussion points:
• Even if not carrying out a task with an obvious eye hazard, you may be at risk from others nearby. Always have your eye protection with you and if any doubt – wear it!
• Eye protection only works when worn over the eyes – it is useless worn over the head or around the neck.
• Never watch any welding processes unless wearing suitable eye protection.
• Should you get something in your eye, or receive any sort of eye injury, then get a trained first aider to look at it.
• Always consider eye protection when compressed air, hazardous substances, cartridge fired tools, power tools, power washers, hand tools such as chisels, etc, are in use.


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