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Fire Hazard Checklist

Escape Hazards

Are there factors that can affect safety in the event of a fire, such as:
Do fire exits or routes need clearing of obstructions?
Are any fire exits locked or chained up? (exclude panic bolts)
Do any fire exits need illuminated or phosphorescent signs to be fitted to clearly identify them?
Do any escapes routes need better illumination (including emergency lighting)?
Does any escape route exceed the maximum permitted distance? (between 12 and 45 metres depending on fire hazard rating)
Have fire escape doors been checked to ensure that they are of sufficient width to allow safe exit for those inside the building?

Warning Signs and Devices Hazards

Are there any deficiencies in warning signs or devices that could endanger safety in the event of a fire, such as:
Do any fire escape routes need clearer identification (e.g. additional signs)?
Are any warning signs missing or obscured at or over escape routes and muster points (fire exit, fire alarm, muster point signs, etc.)?
Do extra warning/prohibition signs need to be fitted (flammable materials, no smoking, no naked flames, etc)?
Do escape route signs need re-positioning to direct people to the shortest route to a fire exit?
Do additional fire alarm call points or sounders need to be installed to improve safety?
Do fire alarm call points and sounders need testing more frequently?
Does emergency lighting require more frequent testing?

Staff Training

Do staff need training in what to do in the event of a fire, such as:
Does induction training need reviewing/improving?
Do staff need extra information and training on what to do in the event of a fire?
Is refresher training required?
Do additional fire drills/evacuation procedures need to be performed?
Do additional fire marshals need to be trained?
Do staff need training on the use of fire extinguishers?
Do fire training records need reviewing?

Flammable Material Hazards

Do any stored flammable materials need measures to improve safety:
Are flammable substances or materials used or stored on site?
Can the quantities of stored flammable substances be reduced?
Do flammable substances need to be stored in flameproof containers or cabinets? (tick no if they are already stored safely)
Are any flammable materials stored over or near sources of heat or direct sunlight?
Do rubbish bins need to be emptied of flammable material more frequently?
Does any area that contains flammable materials need more frequent inspection or cleaning?
Do procedures for containing spills of, and disposing of the waste products from, flammable substances need improving?

Fire Protection and Fire Fighting

Are any fire protection devices being bypassed or overridden, such as:
Are any fire resistant doors wedged or tied open?
Do any fire doors require self-closing mechanisms to be fitted?
Do any fire doors need labelling?
Do fire extinguishers need checking to confirm that they are suitable for the area they are installed in?
Do additional extinguishers need to be fitted?
Are any fire extinguishers being used as doorstops?
Are any fire extinguishers in need of servicing? (label should state when next service is due)

No Indicates that a hazard is not present and no further action is required
Yes Identifies a hazard that should be either:
a. Removed or controlled by some action or;
b. Further evaluated by performing a risk assessment

a. Remove or reduce the hazard
Control measures for removing or reducing a hazard include:
1. Elimination: by removing the hazard completely
2. Substitution: with a less hazardous substance, process or method of work
3. Modification: of the work process
4. Providing formal written procedures in the form of a safe system of work or a method statement
5. Supplying adequate training and information to all those exposed to the hazard
6. General tidiness and good housekeeping
7. Supplying protective equipment or clothing

b. Any identified hazard should be evaluated using a risk assessment, create one online in minutes