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Fire Safety Checklist

fire extinguisher on a wall.Extinguish the risks of your workplace going up in flames with this fire safety checklist. This is not a fire risk assessment, but you can use the checklist below to help identify and control fire hazards in your workplace. Use our risk assessment software to create unlimited fire risk assessments online – enjoy a free 15-day trial.

With this fire safety checklist you can apply it to any workplace in the UK – whether you run an office, shop, restaurant, or construction site. Many of the same checks must be made to minimise the risk of fire, remove escape hazards, and ensure proper signage and training are in place.

Eliminating fire risks is one of the most important health and safety considerations for any workplace. Flames can quickly spread, cause serious burns and fatalities, as well as destroying buildings. Follow our fire safety audit checklist put together by health and safety experts to build an effective risk assessment report for your business.

Fire inspection checklist

As an employer you have a legal obligation to remove and reduce the risk of fire in your workplace. This includes ensuring fire safety equipment is well-maintained and works, providing appropriate training, preparing an emergency plan, and reviewing risks regularly. Our fire inspection checklist helps assess hazards and risks.

Complying with the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 is vital for every UK business to operate safely and legally. Our fire inspection checklist for UK workplaces includes many of the aspects you should look for when reviewing fire risks. However, you must still conduct appropriate risk assessments and record your findings.

Use our fire safety inspection checklist in the UK to help with any risk assessments and to protect your employees, customers, the general public, and your business. We’ve split the following fire safety audit checklist into sections that group together hazards to make it simple to follow and avoid missing any risks.

Fire escape hazards

Are there factors that can affect safety in the event of a fire, such as:

Warning signs and device hazards

Are there any deficiencies in warning signs or devices that could endanger safety in the event of a fire, such as:

Staff fire safety training

Do staff need training in what to do in the event of a fire, such as:

Flammable material hazards

Do any stored flammable materials need measures to improve safety:

Fire protection and fire fighting

Are any fire protection devices being bypassed or overridden, such as:

Fire safety control measures

Control measures for removing or reducing fire hazards include:

  1. Elimination – by removing a fire hazard completely
  2. Substitution – with a less flammable substance, process, or method of work
  3. Modification – of the work process
  4. Providing formal written procedures in the form of a safe system of work or a method statement
  5. Supplying adequate fire safety training and information to all those exposed to the hazard
  6. General tidiness and good housekeeping
  7. Supplying protective equipment or clothing

Any identified hazard should be evaluated using a risk assessment.

Try our health and safety software for free online today and create unlimited risk assessments, including for fire hazards. Start your free 15-day trial to save time, effort, and money protecting your business in the UK from fire hazards.