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First Aid Checklist

First Aid Provision

Does first aid provision require improving, such as:
Are first aid provision needs sufficiently low that only an appointed person is required? (tick no if appointed person in place)
Is a trained and certified first aider required? (tick no if already in place)
Does the ratio of first aiders to employees need improving? (average of 1 first aider to every 50 employees)
Will first aid cover be needed out of hours of for shift work?
Do first aid boxes need contents replacing? (out of date or used up)
Do first aid boxes require more frequent checking for correct contents?
Are more first aid boxes required at strategic positions?
Do first aid boxes require signs to improve identification of their location?
If workers travel off site, do they need to be issued with first aid kits? (tick no if already issued)

Training Needs

Does the appointed person require training on basic emergency first aid?
Do any first aiders require refresher training? (required every 3 years)
Are there any specific injuries that the first aider will need training in treating (chemical burns, animal bites, etc.)?
Do any remote workers need first aid training (appointed person of first aider)?

Any identified hazard should be evaluated using a risk assessment, create one online in minutes