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First aid needs checklist

first aid kit.It’s a legal requirement for every UK organisation to provide and appropriate level of first aid equipment, facilities, and personnel. This is outlined in the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981. Meeting your first aid needs as a business is important to comply with the relevant legislation and to protect the health of employees, customers, and others.

Our health and safety experts have put together a free first aid needs checklist to help your organisation meet its legal requirements. You can use the below form and template to tick off everything you need and identify any areas where you need to take action. It’s quick and easy to use our first aid needs checklist.

For further help we’ve also created a first aid kit checklist to review the contents of every first aid box in your business, and a general first aid checklist to ensure you have the right training and provisions in place. These were all made by health and safety professionals, so you can trust their contents.

First aid needs assessment checklist

The law requires organisations to carry out a risk assessment to identify the appropriate first aid provision for a business. What is necessary depends on various factors related to your operations. This first aid needs assessment checklist covers the most common ones, which are covered below. Please copy and adapt this first aid needs assessment checklist to suit your requirements:



Date for revision …………….. (insert date here – or sooner if significant changes are made to the work area or processes)

Contents check

The answers should be yes, no, or not applicable (unless stated otherwise) in the following sections:



Business risk

Do we have any of the following on our site(s):

Previous accident history

Further comments and actions to be taken

We hope you enjoyed this totally awesome and free first aid needs checklist. Explore more free health and safety checklists online to protect your business. You can also save time and money creating unlimited risk assessments and putting together action plans with our health and safety software. Enjoy a free 15-day trial.