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Food and Drink Dispensing and Vending Hazard Checklist

Does your business sell any kind of food and drink products? It’s vital you have strong health and safety practices in place whether you run a café, restaurant, or takeaway – as well as shops, community events, or food truck. There are various hazards when providing food and drink to customers, staff, and others.

Use the below food safety inspection checklist to tick off food and drink dispensing and vending hazards. This food safety checklist can help inform risk assessments to identify hazards and form an effective action plan to minimise risks. It helps you meet your legal health and safety obligations.

Copy and adapt the food safety checklist template to meet your needs. Our health and safety experts put it together and you can use it for free to ensure all hazards around dispensing food and drink are identified and addressed. Protect your staff, customers, and business with this professional food inspection checklist.

Food safety audit checklist

Food safety is important for vendors and businesses that sell any type and amount of edible and drinkable items. Considerations vary depending on whether you prepare food (such as in a restaurant or takeaway) or simply sell food and drink products (in a shop). You should therefore adapt the following food checklist to meet your needs.

This food safety audit checklist covers food storage, equipment, electrical risks, fire hazards, and more. It has been designed by health and safety professionals and split into sections based on specific risks. If you serve food then you should also use our kitchen and food preparation hazard checklist.

Tick off everything you can from the below and use it to inform your risk assessments. If you want to create unlimited risk assessments for safe food practices you can try our health and safety software too – start your free 15-day trial online. Otherwise, consider all the following sections of the food safety audit checklist and where they apply in your organisation.

Slips, trips, and falls

Are there any obstructions or poor surfaces that could cause a slip, trip, or fall from:

Falling object hazards

Are there any objects that could fall on people such as:

Electrical hazards

Is there any risk of persons receiving an electrical shock from:

Substance-related hazards

Are there any substances used that could cause harm from contact or inhalation, such as:

Work equipment hazards

Is work equipment installed and used in a safe manner to minimise danger to others, such as:

Fire hazards

Are flammable materials stored or used in a manner that could cause a fire, such as:

Use a free fire hazard checklist

Ventilation hazards

Are there any hazards associated with ventilation, such as:

Manual handling and workstation hazards

Do working positions pose a hazard that could cause muscular strains, such as:

Food hygiene hazards

Do food hygiene provisions require improving to reduce the risk of infection or contamination, such as:

Accidents and first aid

Discover a free first aid checklist

Any identified hazards should be evaluated using a risk assessment. Use our risk assessment to create unlimited risk assessments online.