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Free Risk Assessment and Method Statement template

If you are looking for a professional risk assessment and method statement template that you can download and complete yourself then you’re in the right place, if you want to create a custom one online in minutes using our RAMS Creator.

We are happy to provide this great looking downloadable template, that will enable you to keep safe on-site if of course, you fill it out correctly.

RAMs (Risk assessment and Method statement) template

If you are looking to create, store and edit professional customizable and complex risk assessment and method statements with absolute ease within minutes then please try our online system for free. It offers a great deal more than just a simple RAMS template, with many repopulated options.

Here are a few common FAQs

To help you on your quest for a safer working environment and search for health and safety knowledge, we have put together this quick list of common questions and answers.

What is a risk assessment?

Employers have a duty under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 to carry out risk assessments

A risk assessment is a recording process to identify hazards and methods you use to;

Find all factors that would be considered to potentially cause harm.

Provide analysis that supports what processes you have used to find the risks associated with each hazard.

Analysis and evaluation
Identify appropriate ways to reduce or remove the risk (hazard) and implement risk control measures.

What is a method statement?

Put simply it is providing a safe system of work

Once a risk assessment is completed a method statement will include a step-by-step guide for the control measures put in place to reduce or remove each hazard.

When producing a risk assessment and method statement this combined document is called a RAMS (Risk Assessment Method Statement)

It can be overwhelming to create, which is why our RAMS generator was made to help you get to work safely and simply.

What does RAMS mean?

RAMS means Risk Assessment and Method Statements, with protecting our risk assessment generator allows you to create separate risk assessments for all the regulations;

Manual Handling Operations
Display Screen Equipment (DSE)
Workplace (Health, Safety, and Welfare)
Provision and Use of Work Equipment
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

Use our RAMS generator to create a single document for all your RAMs requirements.

How do I complete a risk assessment?

Just use our online RAMs generator 🙂

If you are unsure about how to write Risk Assessments and Method statements and want to proceed alone using the old fashioned very slow manual way, then here are some common basic checklists you can use to help aid you along the way;

Free risk assessment checklists

Legal Disclaimer: The Risk assessment and methods statement template provided by protecting along with the checklists do not constitute any legal advice, and we offer no support for these. By downloading them you agree to the terms.

Fancy creating a RAMS document online use our RAMs generator in just a few minutes instead?

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