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Hand-arm Vibration Exposure Assessment Check List

Tool or equipment being assessed:

Serial number:

1. Assessing Vibration exposure

Can alternative methods be used that eliminate vibrating equipment?
Is there a more suitable tool, piece of equipment or method for the task?
Does the manufacturer’s vibration data need to be obtained?
Do vibration measurements of the equipment need to be taken in use? (manufacturer’s data may not be accurate for tools/equipment in use)
Should task rotation be used to minimise exposure to individuals?
Does the daily vibration exposure exceed the 2.5m/s2 A(8) action value?
Does the daily vibration exposure exceed the 5m/s2 A(8) limit value?

2. Health checks (this information can be obtained by questioning users of vibrating tools/equipment)

Have employees described any symptoms of tingling or numbness when using the tool/equipment?
Have they suffered recurrent pain or throbbing in their hands?
Do they experience difficulty in gripping objects or completing fiddly tasks such as fastening buttons?
Has there been a higher than average incidence of accidents or sickness by those who use the tool/equipment?

3. Managing vibration exposure

Does further instruction need to be given on the correct use of the tool/equipment?
Is more supervision is required?
Are more rest breaks required to minimise exposure to vibration?
Do cutting tools need to be replaced more frequently to reduce vibration? (blunt cutters increase vibration)
Does there need to be a more adequate supply of new tools: drills, burrs, cutters, grinding wheels, etc?
Is the tool/equipment used in low temperatures? (cold conditions heighten the effects of vibration white finger (VWF))
Do tool supports, jigs or clamps need to be used to reduce vibration?
Are absorbent mountings required to reduce vibration?
Do operators need to be encouraged to report defects, errors or medical symptoms?

No Indicates that a hazard is not present and no further action is required
Yes Prompts an action for further investigation so that exposure can be either:
1. Removed or controlled by some action or;
2. Further evaluated

1. Remove or reduce the hazard
Control measures for removing or reducing exposure:
1. Elimination: by removing the vibration exposure completely (i.e. by automating the task)
2. Substitution: with a lower vibration process or method of work
3. Modification: of the work process
4. Supplying adequate training and information to all those exposed to vibration
5. Effective maintenance (defective or worn tools and equipment will produce more vibration)
6. Providing formal written procedures in the form of a safe system of work or a method statement
7. Supplying protective equipment or clothing

b. Any identified hazard should be evaluated using a risk assessment, create one online in minutes