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Hand Truck Operations

Introduction: Warehousing involves the movement of products, equipment, and materials. This must be accomplished in a safe manner, as well as protecting the product.

While loading or unloading and moving materials on hand trucks, the following safety tips should be observed:

Main points:

• When loading hand trucks, keep your feet clear of the wheels.
• Do not exceed the manufacturer’s load capacity rate. (The capacity plate is located on the hand truck.)
• Place the load so that it will not slip, shift or fall, and secure it with straps if they are provided.
• For extremely bulky or pressurized items, such as gas cylinders, strap or chain the items to the hand truck.
• Tip the load slightly forward so that the tongue of the hand truck goes under the load, and then push the tongue of the hand truck all the way under the load.
• If your view is obstructed, ask a spotter to assist.
• Keep the centre of gravity as low as possible by placing heavier objects below the lighter ones.
• Push the load so that the weight will be carried by the axle and not the handles.
• Do not walk backward with the hand truck, unless going up stairs or ramps.
• When going down an incline, keep the hand truck in front of you so that it can be controlled at all times.
• Move hand trucks at a walking pace
• Store hand trucks with the tongue under a pallet, shelf, or table.

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