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Head Protection

Introduction: The head is particularly vulnerable to injury and accidents to the head are often fatal, or involve very serious injuries, such as brain damage or fractured skull.

Over the years it has been proved beyond doubt that many deaths and head injuries could have been prevented, or their severity reduced, by wearing safety helmets.

Under the Construction Head Protection Regulations 1989 hard hats must be worn by all persons on building and construction sites with the exception of turban wearing Sikhs

Main points:

When wearing a hard hat always check the following points:-
• Adjust the headband to suit your head size.
• Check that the outer shell and harness is in good condition, without indentation or cracks.
• Never paint the shell as some paints weaken the plastics used.
• Use a chin-strap where necessary to avoid the possibility of the safety helmet falling off. This applies particularly to steel erectors.
• Do not punch holes into the shell for attaching unauthorised equipment or for ventilation. Attachments for ear defenders or eye protection are available and should only be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
• Replace any helmet if it sustains a heavy impact, as the shell may be weakened.
• Helmets must be in good condition and replaced according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. This is usually every two years.
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