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Health and Safety Facts and Statistics

wet floor sign fallen over on the ground.The importance of good health and safety standards across the UK and the wider world becomes clear when looking at the facts and figures. There are still more than half a million workplace injuries and nearly two million work-related illnesses in the UK every year despite a greater focus on health and safety.

Workplace health and safety statistics change every year and vary across regions and industries. Here we provide a simple overview of the main numbers behind workplace accidents, injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. Get an idea of how important protecting employees is with the following health and safety facts and statistics.

Health and safety statistics

Hundreds of thousands of people in the UK still experience injuries and illnesses every year due to unsafe working conditions. This is despite there being strict laws and regulations in place, which have seen improvements. The facts, stats, and figures change each year, but these are the headline health and safety statistics in the UK from 2022/23:

Workplace injury and illness statistics

Injuries can happen in workplaces due to accidents and incidents that cause direct harm, such as a slip, trip, or fall. Workplace-related illnesses may occur after exposure to something harmful and include both physical and mental health conditions. Here are some key workplace illness and injury statistics for the UK:

UK health and safety statistics about fatal accidents

Sadly, there are still serious workplace accidents and incidents that lead to the death of workers and members of the general public every year. These are the main stats about fatal workplace accidents in the UK:

Worldwide workplace health and safety statistics

Working conditions, practices, health and safety regulations, laws, and legislation vary across the world. This means certain countries and regions experience much higher and lower instances of injuries, illnesses, and fatalities due to health and safety at work. Get a global idea with some workplace health and safety statistics from around the world:

Further facts about health and safety

Health and safety accidents don’t just affect workers, people at home, the general public, and other people can all be affected. Here are some miscellaneous facts about health and safety:

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