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Health and Safety FAQs

Getting to grips with all the health and safety requirements for your business can seem like a big job. It’s an important one though, as failure to follow proper health and safety processes could lead to serious consequences. To help, we’ve pulled together frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers about health and safety.

These range from simple explainers of key terms and documents to information about different risk assessments. You can also check out our free health and safety checklists for more help and advice. Find fast answers to many questions you may have with these health and safety FAQs.

Health and safety questions and answers

Discover the answers to any health and safety questions you’ve got with the range of FAQs below. These include quick solutions and expert in-depth explanations of various terms, policies, documents, and practices to help protect your people and organisation. Make the most of some extra free resources to help too.

Explore common health and safety questions and answers with the following FAQs:

Risk assessment FAQs

Workplace risk FAQs

Construction and fire risk FAQs