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Health & Safety Refresher

Introduction: All persons on site have a legal responsibility for health and safety and to conduct their activities in a safe manner. This duty applies both to yourself and to your workmates.

Main points:
• Safety culture is when people think and act safely even when no-one is looking!
• Safety signs don’t prevent accidents – safe people and safe systems do!
• No system can be safe without the co-operation of all employers and employees. It is a team effort requiring awareness and alertness on the part of everyone.

Discussion points:
• Know the company’s safety policy, including the arrangements.
• Use and maintain PPE provided – report any defects immediately.
• Do your bit to keep the site tidy, in good order, and safe.
• Obey all warning signs.
• Never operate plant or equipment unless suitably competent/trained.
• Never interfere with the likes of guard-rails, ladders, etc.
• Never interfere or misuse safety equipment such as fire extinguishers.
• Never throw things from height, always lower properly.
• Never take short cuts – they rarely are!
• Only ever use authorised access/egress routes.
• Store/stack materials sensibly, especially if at height.
• Check substances before use – are they hazardous? Inflammable?
• Be alert in vicinity of mobile plant.
• Be aware of trespassers – if you don’t recognise someone, ask them who they are looking for and direct them to the site manager.
• Constantly think safety on site. Be on the lookout for unsafe practices, defective equipment, excessive waste build up, etc, and report such to site managers – NEVER turn a blind eye!


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