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Home Working Risk Assessment Checklist

computer screens on home working desk.Employers have the same health and safety responsibilities for home workers as they do for other staff. Therefore, it’s important you carry out a risk assessment that covers home working to protect employee wellbeing. This is often done with a self-assessment, although in some cases you may have to visit them.

Most working from home hazards are low risk. It’s still important to conduct a risk assessment for home working to identify these and put in place a plan to minimise their potential impact. This could include providing specific equipment, assisting with their set-up, and improving the home working environment where necessary.

To make this easy our health and safety professionals have created a free working from home risk assessment checklist. Use this to inform your home working risk assessment for help identifying hazards. You can also try our risk assessment software with a free 15-day trial and create unlimited risk assessments.

Working from home risk assessment template

Many factors affect a risk assessment for home working, such as the type of work, equipment used, stress and mental health considerations. We’ve created a free template so you can tick off potential hazards and see where you may need to act to ensure safe home working.

A lone worker risk assessment when working from home covers everything from the equipment used to fire hazards, display screen equipment, and electrical risks. To make things easy we’ve split up this home working hazard checklist into sections based around specific risks. Many of them are the same hazards that apply to offices and other workplaces.

Copy the below working from home risk assessment template and answer each question to review the working environment of lone workers in your organisation.

Slips, trips, and falls hazards

Are there any obstructions on the floor that could cause a slip, trip, or fall from:

Falling object hazards

Are there any objects that could fall on people, such as:

Electrical hazards at home

Are there any risks of people receiving an electrical shock from:

Electrical equipment hazard checklist

Substance-related hazards

Are there any substances used that could cause harm from contact or inhalation, such as:

Fire hazards at home

Are flammable materials stored or used in a manner that could cause a fire, such as:

Explore a fire safety checklist

Display screen equipment

Does display screen equipment require assessment for:

Use this display screen equipment checklist

Manual handling and workstation hazards

Do working positions pose a hazard that could cause muscular strains, such as:

Hygiene hazards

Do sanitary provisions require improving to reduce the risk of infection or contamination, such as:

Accidents and first aid

Follow a first aid checklist

Security hazards

Any identified hazard should be evaluated using a working from home risk assessment. You can create unlimited risk assessments with our online software. Start your free 15-day trial to see how you can save time, money, and effort producing risk assessments for your organisation.