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Good hygiene reduces the risk of health problems in any workplace. Access this free hygiene toolbox talk to understand how to maintain strong hygiene in any business. You can also view and download 60+ toolbox talks covering various topics with our toolbox talks kit.

Personal Hygiene Toolbox Talk


Most of us learned the basics of good personal hygiene from our mothers when we were children. She started us on good hygiene with the simple rule of washing our hands before we ate. As we’ve grown older, some of us may have drifted away from our mother’s wise advice.

In today’s chemical-laden workplaces, being even more conscientious about hygiene is the smart thing to do. Even though washing our hands is a simple and logical task, it’s still commonly overlooked.

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What is on your hands gets ingested. How many times have you seen fellow workers smoke a cigarette while their hands were covered with paint or grease? How about the workers who eat their lunch without washing their hands? Not one of us would intentionally eat paint, or dip our cigarette into the paint bucket.

Even so, that’s basically what happens when you eat your sandwich or smoke a cigarette without washing your hands. In addition to tobacco, smokers may be inhaling toxic substances that have been placed on the cigarette from their hands. Remember, when paints, solvents or almost any chemical is heated or burned, its chemical makeup is changed.

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