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Access a complete free toolbox talk on Leptospirosis (Weil’s disease). Learn how to control and manage it and run a Leptospirosis risk assessment to reduce the chance of it developing in your workplace. For more TBTs that cover all sorts of health and safety issues, check out more than 60 toolbox talks online with Protecting.

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The presence of rats on construction sites should be discouraged so far as is practicable by undertaking a Weil’s disease risk assessment of the premises. To some extent, rats are unavoidable and they carry with them a risk of Weil’s disease. The risk of Weil’s disease exists even where rats are no longer present, but were before work commenced, as the organism is carried in rats’ urine.

Note: Variations of this disease can also be carried by livestock (like the bovine derivation of leptospirosis).

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