Lone Working Risk Assessment Template

Did you know that if your employees are injured or fall ill whilst working alone, your business could face huge compensation claims and HSE fines for failing to comply with the lone working regulations?

According to UK law, every employee who is working alone or without close or direct supervision, must have an appropriate lone working risk assessment carried out. If you fail to comply then you are breaking the law.

There are more than 4 million lone workers in the UK. If you employ a lone worker then you are responsible for conducting a lone working risk assessment. You will be held accountable for any incidents that occur whilst the employee is working if you did not conduct a lone working risk assessment.

In the last year there has been a shocking 5.8{32ea1fbb2be3d0d7bafadc423360fa64825eea6dc77215e46a23ee2e2448fa06} rise in physical attacks against NHS lone workers. Lone workers are far more vulnerable to the risks of violence at work.

To protect your employees and your business it is essential that your business undertakes a lone working risk assessment by a professional.

A professional must have experience and knowledge of the health and safety risks which surround lone workers. A competent person must complete the lone working risk assessment, otherwise your business will be in breach of HSE regulations.

If you do not carry out a lone working risk assessment then you are breaking the law.

It is crucial that your business ensures that a lone working risk assessment has been conducted, and that it is completed by a professional. We can provide you with experienced health and safety consultants who can undertake an efficient lone working risk assessment.

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Up to 10 years in prison


Up to £1m fine

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