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Managing Site Waste Toolbox Talk

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Managing Site Waste

Introduction: Most construction sites produce significant waste which, if allowed to accumulate, can create new, or complicate existing, health and safety hazards. These range from basic nails in wood to attracting vermin.

Main points:
• Suitable waste locations must be established, and these must be segregated where applicable (controlled and special waste, etc).
• A formal waste management system should be implemented, i.e. spending the last 15 minutes of each day, or last hour of each Friday, cleaning up the site.
• Waste should only be removed from site by those in possession of a valid waste carriers licence, and should only be handed over to those with a valid waste manager’s licence.

Discussion points:
• Consider how you are going to separate waste where applicable, such as using different skips, etc.
• Ensure nails etc, are removed from wood or hammered flat to avoid puncture wounds to other persons.
• Consider how waste is going to be lowered to ground level from height. It should never be thrown down! Consider hoists, waste chutes, etc.
• If lightweight waste is produced, it may need to be bagged and tied to prevent the wind blowing it all over the site.
• If skips are to be placed on roads, then permission is required and it must be suitably cordoned off to protect the public and vehicles.
• Never overload skips – they should not be loaded higher than the sides.
• Beware of accumulating flammable waste and thus creating a serious fire risk.
• Never burn or bury waste on site.
• Dispose of any foodstuffs carefully to avoid attracting vermin and the risk of disease such as Weil’s disease.
• Inspect your waste! Can it be reduced? Can any of it be reused? Is any of it recyclable?
• All waste that leaves the site is costing money!

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