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Manual Handling Toolbox Talk

Use this free manual handling toolbox talk to identify and manage risks in your workplace. Workers using hands for many tasks is often unavoidable but you can assess and control hazards to help avoid injuries. Alongside this toolbox talk on manual handling, we have a library of more than 60 other toolbox talks available online.

Free toolbox talk on manual handling


Manual handling in construction is unavoidable. It’s therefore essential that it’s carried out correctly to avoid both immediate and long-term injuries.

Main points

Discussion points

  1. Stand reasonably close to the load, feet hip-width apart with one foot slightly forward pointing in the direction you’re going.
  2. Bend your knees while keeping your back straight.
  3. Get a secure grip on the load.
  4. Breathe in before commencing the lift.
  5. Carry out the lift smoothly using the legs to take the strain, keeping the back straight, chin up, and arms close to the body.
  6. Step off in the direction the advanced foot is pointing, keeping the load close to the body.
  7. If necessary, stop for rests en route.
  8. Avoid any jerky or twisting movements.

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