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Material Handling & Storage Toolbox Talk

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Material Handling & Storage

Introduction: Products must be stored safely to prevent them from falling on employees or visitors and to reduce product damage. The storage of products involves the safe use of powered industrial trucks (forklifts), as well as secure and safe racking to support loads.

When moving materials from storage, the following safety tips should be observed:

Main points:
• When stocking shelves by hand, position the materials to be shelved slightly in front of you, to avoid twisting your body when lifting and stacking.
• Visually inspect for sharp objects or other hazards before reaching into containers, such as garbage cans, boxes, bags or sinks.
• Remove or bend nails and staples from crates before unpacking the crates.
• When cutting, always cut away from you and your co-workers.
• Do not try to kick objects out of pathways. Objects should be pushed or carried from walkways.
• Do not let items overhang from shelves into walkways.
• Move slowly when approaching blind corners.
• Place heavier loads on the lower or middle shelves.
• Remove one object at a time from shelves.
• Place items flat on shelves, so that they do not wobble.

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