Bosses to ban unhealthy snacks from the office

Many of us will be familiar with the sight of an office desk groaning under the weight of cakes and biscuits brought in by well-meaning colleagues – but some bosses have declared they will ban the unhealthy treats from workplaces., a health & safety and employment law consultancy, has collated anecdotal evidence that shows […]

1000s of Business and consumers are victims of a ‘Friday job’?

By mid-afternoon on a Friday many 9-5 workers have one eye on the clock as they count down to the weekend – but what about when your job involves working on someone else’s home? A survey undertaken by, a health & safety and employment law expert, has shown that a staggering 76% of tradespeople […]

Golfers ‘could be forced to wear hard hats’

Golfers could be forced to wear hard hats in a bid to reduce golfing-related injuries, a health & safety expert has revealed., a health & safety and employment agency, has noted that a number of insurance companies and private businesses are seeking to reduce the financial burden of golfing injuries by pushing for greater […]

Public transport snobbery revealed: 97 won’t ever catch a bus

A ‘Green disaster’ looms as the car remains king among commuters “Why should I slum it on the bus? I’ve got a car” British workers would still take their car to work even if free and regular public transport were laid on for them, it’s been found. In fact, people would rather sit in a […]

Farms to face tougher health and safety penalties

Farmers and farm businesses to face tougher sentencing penalties  Farm owners and agricultural businesses are to face tougher penalties from this month if they are found guilty of breaching health and safety regulations. The new sentencing guidelines were introduced by The Sentencing Council in February this year and it means tougher penalties for any workplaces […]

“I know my rights!” – But only 1 in 6 of workers have ever read their contracts

Hundreds of unfair dismissal claims founder through workers’ ignorance Only one worker in 1 in 6 has ever read their contract and understand its contents, it’s emerged. This is the shock finding of a Yorkshire-based national employment law consultancy which says that this ignorance has led to disciplinary action and dismissal in hundreds of cases. […]

It’s official: Workplace romances are good for business

Yes, workers can have their cake and eat it – as long as they keep it out of hours Romances in the workplace between colleagues should be encouraged as they seem to be good for productivity. That’s the view of a national health and safety law consultancy, which says that rather than being a disruptive […]

Drunk or high at work: Epidemic of boozy and drugged employees revealed

Alcohol and drugs major problem in the workplace, shocking survey reveals Nearly a third of workers have admitted using drugs at work, and virtually every employee say they’ve been drunk when they were on duty. These are the incredible figures from a survey carried out for a national health and safety law consultancy, which found […]

Epidemic of lazy sales staff ‘costing their companies money, growth and jobs’

Why the most important person in your company may be dragging you down Sales people who do the bare minimum are costing the average British business up to 60{32ea1fbb2be3d0d7bafadc423360fa64825eea6dc77215e46a23ee2e2448fa06} growth every year, simply because they don’t follow up sales leads, or just can’t be bothered to take a long trip to meet a client. It’s […]

Job interviews from Hell: Candidates reveal their worst ever questions

…and why asking the wrong thing can land your company in big trouble Questions about jam and role-playing games involving werewolves top the list in the worst ever questions asked of candidates in job interviews. Workers have opened up to a UK employment law consultancy about interviews that either left them cringing or stamping out […]

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